It Started With A Kiss

Saturday and Sunday were the best weekend
That we’ve had for many years

The NEC in Birmingham,

To see the living legend here

Sure he’s been to Birmingham, many times before

But I’ve always been out of reach

We booked for Saturday way back in March

But Sunday’s front row seats were just a peach

And so on Saturday, in our eagerness to see

We got to the Arena way to soon

We walked around for hours it seemed not knowing what to do

Eventually settling for a coffee with no spoon

The people starting filing in, bags searched and questions asked

To see Neil Diamond, Live right here was everybody’s task

We looked at all the merchandise

Bought more than we could afford

Then found our seats and waited

Waited for that first chord

The Overture was first in line

America rocked our socks

Then Mission of Love, Hello Again

And then Love on The Rocks

Neil picked up his guitar right then

A signature just like mine

With a grin as wide as a Cheshire cat

He yells “lets go back in time”

Solitary Man was next in line

Followed by The Boat That I Row

Cherry, Cherry and Red, Red, Wine

And we still had ages to go

A rocking I’m A Believer

Before Neil slowed the pace right down

The “sensitive man” song Play Me

Then came September Morn

This whole scene was repeated

On that Sunday night so rare

I was still surprised to see those girls

With the glitter in their hair

A disappointing Soolaimon

It missed some shine and sheen

And then it slows done once again with

If You Know What I Mean

A Beautiful Noise soon followed

Then came that special song

The front row ladies swooning

Would “HE” really sing their song

My eyes were disbelieving

As he walked across the stage

It was Alice he was singing to

A “Girl” less than half his age

She went up when he beckoned

The kiss took place right there

Some envious eyes from ladies

With glitter in their hair

And then the moment was over

Neil sang some ballads so

HPTSIY and then BPOM

both from TCO

Forever In Blue Jeans stirred the crowd

“Let me hear you now” was the call

Then Starflight played with flair but loud

And then a hush fell on the Hall

Neil spoke of Vince in quiet tones

Still sad after this short time

His dedication chilled the bones

He sang Captain Sunshine

Holly Holy followed this

With heartfelt lyrics flowing

Then he lightened up the mood

The audience soon got going

Sweet Caroline with wo-wo-wo’s

Repeated with so-so goods

The “Flowers” duet with Linda Press

Was indeed so very good

And then as if by magic

A baby grand appeared

A treat in store for all Neil fans

Rarely on the ivory’s heard

Yes I Will / Lady Magdelene
Was played with pure panache

Then picking up the beat once more

Shilo was next in the stache

The “Heroes” were the next in line

To receive the “Diamond” praise

The police, the fire crews and military

The real “Heroes” of today

And so he sang that Hollies’ song

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother
I Am…I Said was next in line

And we knew that it was over

To screams and shouts of More! More! More!

The man returned again

Cracklin’ Rosie rang out loud

To the roof and back again

Brothers and Sisters came the cry

The last song in the “jam”

It was Brother Love with sermon

And then GOODNIGHT Birmingham

We sat there stunned, in silence

It was all “Done Too Soon”

The audience filed out the hall

Leaving that cavernous room

Well there is always next time

I feel privileged to have seen the man

The guy whose songs I sing and sing

The Solitary Man

So when I’m next performing

My tribute act to Neil

I’ll remember well the NEC

And just how it made me feel!!

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