How It Started

A little while ago I heard a guy called Neil

Singing a song and I liked the feel,

The way the words were sung, well if you know him I guess

You’d probably agree that it was just the best.

The more that I listened the more that I liked

I guess I got hooked, right there, that night

So I started to search and I started to look

And I read a lot about him when I found this book

I first bought one album, then two, then three

I knew that I had found the voice for me

I had been a singer for a long, long time

Realized his voice was very close to mine

So I started singing songs that he had written

Everyone who knew me said I had been bitten

I practiced every day to sound more like him

I’d practice in the shower, I’d practice in the gym

Then one day someone heard me and said “Rob, hey!”

You sound just like the guy I heard singing yesterday

It turns out that this guy was the one and only Neil

I still love the voice and I still love the feel

So I listened to my friend who said you should do this for a living

And I gave up my day job, and started in believing
That one day I could get on stage and entertain the crowds

And began to quietly practice, didn’t make it loud

Then two years down the road I felt that it was time

To launch my show and to show the world what’s mine

I had the costumes run up and bought a wig to wear

Never knew just how I’d do, would the people stare?

Opened up with America, did Cracklin’ Rosie then

Next song up was Shilo, then I sang Hello Again,

Very quickly followed this with the song, I Am I Said

And then my spot was nearly done, I did Longfellow Serenade

Love On The Rocks and September Morn’ were next in the queue

A Beautiful Noise then I did Song Sung Blue

I finished with a song that had memories of my teens

And wished them all goodnight with Forever In Blue Jeans

That all seems such a time ago, I’ve got better since that time

The repertoire increased, with songs like Sweet Caroline

Play Me quickly followed, then came Solitary Man

And now I sing them each and every single time I can

For those of you who helped me, BIG THANKS for your support

Without it, I’d have struggled, I’ll remember all you’ve taught

And if you’ve stumbled by my site, through accident or other

I’d be happy for each one of you to be my Sister or my Brother

Enjoy the site, “that’s what it’s there for !”

You now know the story, you know the score

If you like what you see and hear, please spread the word

Even though at this time, it may seem quite absurd

I’m here to entertain you, each and every way I can

With my tribute to Neil Diamond, The Solitary Man

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