Going To a Concert

I wrote this last month, while Neil was still touring. Only afeter a couple or three drinks tonight, did i nave enoough “nerve” to post it. So here goes…

You have your tickets
You are ready to go
See the “Master”
And his wonderful show

Some live right there
Some travel so far
By bus or by plane or
Hours in their car

But whatever sacrifices
They may make
Are nothing compared to his
For Goodness sake

He touches his chest
And nods his head
We all melt like butter
On steaming hot bread

Age doesn’t matter
As we all know
For two and a half hours
He puts on his show

He looks in your eyes
And points right through
the crowd, you feel
He sings just to you

He speaks to each one
In a different way
Evokes another emotion
Each and every day

Yet, still, I haven’t
Mentioned his eyes
they burn through your soul
And tremble your thighs

They sparkle and gleam
Bring a smile to your face
Though sometimes they see distant
Somewhere lost in space

Lonely, in the midst
Of a crowd
Bearing his soul
Singing out loud

Songs that come
From deep within
Self-realizations that
Would break lesser men

An enigma to all
That try to understand
And unravel feelings and thoughts
Of this complicated man

So what can you do
How do you get close
You’ll just have to go
To one of his shows (or 3 or 4—-or 49)

Months have now turned
Into years
That he has brought us
Laughter, joy, and tears

As the tour
Is almost through
We’re not quite sure
What we will do

We know he’s tired
He’s given us his all
But we don’t want it to end
Our elations will fall

How can one man
touch so many
Speak to each heart
It’s just so uncanny

So sing, dear Neil
Sing it out loud
Lonely in the
Midst of a crowd

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