If someone said to me you can have 15 minutes to spend with someone with
whom would you desire to spend those 15 mins with –
I would choose Neil Diamond.

I Would spend that time sitting in a bar
with a glass of good wine
and chat to him on his dreams
and where he feels his music is now taking him.

Maybe he will ask me about my dreams but
that would take more than 15 mins,
so I must not be greedy.

I AM I SAID seeing him on 26.5.2005 at I.T.F.C – not on a one to one basis but
with about twenty thousand other like souls – Not that I am complaining of course.

I hope to meet up with some new people
and say Hello Again, we have all chatted on the Chat Line these last few months.
I will be wearing my IAIS T-Shirt
So you will know who I am.

Come the 26.5.2005 at 8pm approx
I will be there dancing in the aisle
singing all the songs and
shedding a tear at the sad ones,
and calling out “We Love you Neil”.
Stamping our feet and clapping our hands
and calling out more – more – more.

I will be oblivious to my family
as they will not seen me like this before
especially my Son-in-Law of eighteen months, but he will be tickled pink.

But , This is just a dream a pure fantasy
But what is life if one cannot dream.

So that would be how I would like to spend my 15 minutes, talking to Neil.

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