East Coast – West Coast

East Coast Man..West Coast Woman

West Coast girl meets East Coast man
They come together as only they can
He hums a song he wrote on a whim
She sings a song she meant only for him.

Her kisses leave burns
On the side of his face.
For sure he wants more..
Her kiss left a trace
Of wanting and needing the world never knew
THIS love of difference..
THIS love is true.

His Flatbush New York language
Can go on for miles
Her West Coast lips
Show appropriate smiles.
So different, so strange..
Do opposites attract?
They have nothing but love…and that is a fact.

They don’t know why they’re together
He’s used to midnight dinners at his favorite place
She would rather talk …
So she can hear his voice
Runs her lips across his forehead
Quiet things are her choice.

They can’t decide where they should live
Will it be East Coast or the West
She likes cream in her coffee
He takes it black he’ll confess.

Such a big contradiction..
For two people in love
West Coast Woman – East Coast Man
Plays his music, solves her riddles
She doesn’t care
If she is caught in the middle
Of the East Coast and the West Coast

When you’re a part of a perfect love
Who needs direction…
They live on affection
And have it all..
Together they have it all.

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