A Neil Diamond Song

A Neil Diamond Song

Got a rock and roll ditty from
Our own Salt Lake City
To a man who’s been far away.
He’s a rock and roll legend
Travelin”round the world
And he’s heard across the U.S.A.
Please come back soon.
Won’t you bring your tunes?
It’s been far too long
And we need a Neil Diamond song.

When he walks across the stage
In his pretty sparkly shirt
All the women there are gonna swoon.
Just to see that handsome face
And to hear that sexy voice
As it starts a familiar croon.
Maybe “Song Sung Blue”
“Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon”
Sing out all night long
‘Cause we need a Neil Diamond Song.

Well we’ve got all the cd’s
And we’ve got our videos
And they’re great, but they’re not enough.
‘Cause we’ve got to have him near
And we’ve got to see him live
When we can’t it gets way too tough.
Tickets bought on line.
Love “Sweet Caroline”
And we’ll sing along
‘Cause we love a Neil Diamond song.

It’s the music of our lives
And we’ll love it ’till we die.
We’re so grateful that we’ve had this man.
Years from now when we’ve all gone away
We will know that our children can
Have a song or two
One for every mood.
It won’t be too long
‘Till they choose a Neil Diamond song.
We all love our Neil Diamond songs.
Kate Mira

(note: these words can be sung to the melody of “Elijah’s Song” from Three Chord Opera. Neil wrote that song to honor his grandson. I wrote these words to honor Neil. I was missing him and his live performances and I was waiting for him to go back on tour).

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