A Little of You

A Little Of You

Most of my life I’ve
I’ve been ten years behind
My friends and the people I know
I carefully choose what win or I lose
I’m not into giving a show..

But I started with you,
Seemed the thing I should do
And you’ve been with me all of my life
I could forget all I’ve learned,
But my life as it turned
Always kept just “A Little of YOU”.

When the day starts and ends
And the hours pass by, the music does magic and I never knew why…
I choose you as the best
Over ALL of the rest.
I love keeping “A Little of YOU”

Your words mold the keys
To the window of my heart.
Your songs make me feel
Like I can’t wait to start
A new day…anyway…

Lift me up, make me cry,
Make me laugh, don’t know why..
I relate to your music so well.
And as much as I know,
Only saw just one show!
Having wished on a star,
That I was where you are,
I will do all I do..
Know,.. I’ll always be true,
I will just have to settle
For “A Little of YOU”

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