A Bird Whisperer

Your face is of charming youth,
From me you know this to be the truth.

Your words they help to fill a hole,
A hole that lies within my soul.

So at night when you lie in bed,
for a moment let me in your head.

Think of me and all your fans,
as your support grows and expands.

When the suns rises over your house,
the room will be silent not even a mouse.

Your music mean everything to me,
so much so i would climb a tree.

And then i would declare my love,
for Music, for Neil and a white dove.

I’d jump and land upon my feet,
your always kind and ever so sweet.

In your i arms i want to belong,
to feel your muscles, my-my you are strong

Never let go
I want you to know


Now i leave you with the comforting words,
you make everyone sing, even the Birds.

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