This just in about the “Jennifer Diamond Regatta”

Jennifer Diamond regatta, gala raised $100,000-plus

The recent Jennifer Diamond Celebrity Regatta and Jennifer Diamond Foundation Gala held in the Marina raised more than $100,000.

The Second Jennifer Diamond Celebrity Regatta was run Sunday, July 18th, from Del Rey Yacht Club and enjoyed an increase in participation over last year.

The Jennifer Diamond Foundation Gala also celebrated its second anniversary Saturday, July 24th, in the Marina del Rey Marriott Hotel California Ballroom.

Harvey and Alice Diamond, parents of Jennifer Diamond, and Jennifer’s brother, Matthew Diamond, explained why these events honoring Jennifer are held.

When Jennifer was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, there was no stopping the members of the Diamond family as they researched the treatments of this disease.

It is a disease that was destined to take the life of their daughter and sister, but not without a fight from the team of friends and family that assembled to support Jennifer.

“Hope through Knowledge” was the antidote of friends and family for this challenge.

Friends asked, “What can we do? How can we help?”

The challenge was answered by Jennifer’s father:

“Help us by researching the Internet and visiting libraries to find out more information about this disease. Forward that information to me and I will take it from there.”

And Jennifer’s father did.

Sadly, after almost three years of researching new plans of treatment and gaining a vast knowledge of the disease, both father and daughter realized, there were no more “Plan B”s.

Still Jennifer’s wish became reality for the many who face this grim challenge.

“I was sitting on Jenn’s bed holding her and I said, ‘Jenn, I don’t know what else to do for you,’ ” her father said.

“Dad, you have done so much and have gained so much knowledge from this experience, please try and share it with others,” Jennifer said, trying to comfort her father. “Try to help other people.”

A few days before Jennifer passed away, she signed papers forming The Jennifer Diamond Foundation. The focus of this nonprofit foundation is “empowering people with knowledge, as well as supporting research and healing programs that provide the tools to help treat the mind and the body as one.”

Soon the idea of a cancer research library began to form.

Today, their first cancer research library is in place and four more are under construction. The Diamonds are extremely proud of the help their libraries have provided to the people they have touched.

The Diamond Family deals with the “human side of cancer” and provides funding for libraries at care facilities.

The foundation also provides financial support for counseling and art therapy programs to patients and family members.

In many cases, cancer patients are unsure of what will happen as their disease progresses.

Such patients need assistance, and by arming themselves with information the Diamonds help to provide, the patients can become more capable in the decision-making process they face.

There are counselors at each library to assist cancer patients.

Families are also unsure of what to expect and how to meet the needs of the patient, and they, too, need education and guidance.

The library and counselors are there with the help of the Diamond Foundation.

This year’s gala featured the presentation of the “Diamond Humanitarian Award” to Scott Hamilton, a four-time world champion, Olympic gold medalist figure skater and cancer survivor.

Scott, too, works tirelessly to promote cancer research and education.

Information on the Jennifer Diamond Foundation, (310) 551-0800 or

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