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Friday, December 29, 2006
You endorsed Van Halen, questioned Chic’s qualifications and wondered what the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has against Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper and various prog-rockers. It’s time to crank up the feedback (edited for clarity and length) from our Rock Hall poll:

There is not doubt about it: This is the year for Van Halen. I am a huge Van Halen fan and have been ever since I saw the group perform here at Public Hall circa 1978. I still have the tour T-shirt. Johnny Massaro, Euclid

I didn’t discover Van Halen until 2000, but I listen to them (with David Lee Roth) 70 percent of the time. Dave always sounded like he was having a blast. They deserve to be in the Rock Hall, and I hope they make it. The group had a distinct sound and no one comes close to duplicating their music. Meribeth Perry, Strongsville


I’m OK with the Ronettes and Van Halen, but the rest of them — give me a break. How have they neglected to nominate and to induct the Moody Blues? Also Yes, Genesis and Neil Diamond, to name a few others who are more than deserving. It’s nuts! Tom Samsa, Euclid

Why haven’t Hall & Oates or Neil Diamond been nominated? We’ve loved their music for years. Who are some of these other obscure nominees? Nancy Blum, Orrville

Neil Diamond should have been in years ago. He not only sings, but plays guitar and writes songs. Why isn’t he in the Rock Hall yet? Please co-investigate with Carl Monday (soon)! Tony Baker, Brunswick

T he hands-down write-in candidate should be Alice Cooper. How can a rock ‘n’ roll legend be ignored for so long? Cooper has sold millions of records, opened the door for theatrical staging in rock and influenced countless bands, from Kiss to Marilyn Manson. Cooper also was featured in a recent Golf Digest article as the rock star who made golf cool for other musicians. He put on a great show in October at Tower City Amphitheater. The place was packed. Gary Willard, Strongsville

Im 48 years old. I’ve lived the rock ‘n’ roll evolution. Grew up in Boston and lived in Cleveland for 25 years. It’s the Rock Hall. Chic? Grandmaster Flash? Overlooked for too long: Alice Cooper — great singles, good albums, great shows. J. Geils Band — megasales, blues, great shows. Kiss — I hate them, but they belong. Yes — talent personified. Moody Blues — singing, songwriting, soulful. Don Rose, Mentor

Chic? You have to be kidding me! Who is responsible for picking the nominees? They have no credibility. Tom Kerver, Euclid

Why have the Moody Blues never been considered for induction? They’ve had a huge influence on music, mixing rock and symphonic genres. This seems to be a huge oversight. by Donna Janosek, Westlake

Ive been a Leon Russell fan since ’72 and haven’t a clue why he hasn’t been inducted. His place in rock ‘n’ roll history as a singer, songwriter (“A Song for You” is one of the greatest contemporary love songs), session man, etc., is legendary. I sincerely hope one day Leon gets the credit he deserves. Joe Truchan, Brunswick

Every year I cannot believe that Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo are passed over by the Rock Hall’s nominating committee. Pat broke into the all-boy world of rock. She did this while staying true to her style and values. Pat and Neil might actually come to Cleveland for an induction, as Neil is from Parma. Meg Anderson, Painesville

Before I’d consider this year’s nominees, the list of overlooked musi cians must be revis ited. Neil Diamond has achieved every major success a performer- songwriter can, ex cept this one. Kiss certainly doesn’t need any more publicity, but their influence can’t be ignored. Before we get too excited about Eddie Van Halen, shouldn’t we first discuss Jeff Beck and Ritchie Blackmore? Paul Rodgers’ bands Free and Bad Company paved the way for blues rock, while progressive outfits such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Rush and Yes set the bar much higher for all rock musicians. I couldn’t really tell you any hit songs by this year’s nominees, but I could name plenty of million-sellers by Journey, Styx, Foreigner and one of the first rock groups to feature female leaders, Heart. And what about Ringo Starr? I guess nominations don’t come easy! Brad Schreiber, Lyndhurst

Im very excited to vote for an inductee for the Rock Hall, which I visit when I’m in Cleveland. My family lives in the area. My prayers will be with my choice, Van Halen. My children introduced me to their music. Sue Grimmett, Lafayette, La.

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