The final eight musical acts in our March Madness best musical act ever

Will Eagles soar as it comes down to elite eight?


Well, here we are folks, the final eight musical acts in our March Madness best musical act ever contest. The votes came in fast and furious. One group tried to sabotage the voting to get their guy into the next round, and still another major upset occurred.

First of all, the Neil Diamond fanatics are just that ..fanatics. One person suggested to me that everyone is a closet Neil Diamond fan. I’m starting to believe he was right. Despite not counting the votes of one crazy Diamondhead slamming in hundreds of votes for Neil from various hotmail e-mail addresses in a period of six minutes (didn’t think I was that smart did you?) Neil still squeaked out a victory over Philly fave Billy Joel to advance to the final eight.

The other contests didn’t yield surprises, but they had several close — and I mean very close — contests that were especially surprising.

Here are the results. Send me your votes at: no later than 6 p.m. next Wednesday.

John Region

1. The Beatles (75%) vs. 3. Elton John (71%) – Probably the expected matchup for the John Regional final. It’s going to be tough for Elton to find any Philadelphia Freedom to get past the Fab Four.

Paul Region

4. Bruce Springsteen (54%) vs. 2. The Eagles (64%) – A clash of the titans in this area. Bruce is a hometown hero (even though he’s from New Jersey) and the Eagles were my pick to win it all from the jump because they are – in my opinion – the quintessential Delaware County Band.

George Region

1. Elvis Presley (73%) vs. 14. Bob Dylan (50%) – Dylan knocked off Alabama by a mere three votes. Now he has to go against the King. Struggling against Alabama is one thing, against Elvis is something else entirely.

Ringo Region

1. Led Zeppelin (50%) vs. 6. Neil Diamond (50%) – Zep held off Queen by four votes, while Diamond knocked off Billy Joel by five. Three weeks ago I’d tell you Zeppelin would win this matchup by 30 percent. I’m not sold anymore. Neil, I’m a believer. (Didn’t he write that Monkees song?)

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