Superstar Neil Diamond is charmed by the Art of a Belgian Action Painter

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“Superstar Neil Diamond is charmed by the Art of a Belgian Action Painter”
2004-04-15 until 2004-04-28
VRT – Vlaams Radio and Television Station
Brussels, , BE Belgium

Patrick Gysemberg brings an Art project on Belgian National TV. He created five “one – minute paintings” during the music of US superstar Neil Diamond and brings this creation on Belgian Television over five separate days. A unique promotion of the ARTS. A fan-site of Neil Diamond, helped Patrick on the search of appropriate music to accompany the action painting; “his music inspires me and gives me a great feeling and comfort, which I need and puts me at ease trough the act of creation”, the painter added.

The selection turned out to be very representative for the works of mr Diamond: from the raw ” cherry cherry ” performance in 1972 to the sensitive “flight of the Gull” from Jonathan Livingston Seagull, these musical jewels strengthen the efforts of Patrick on TV. One painting was made on the tunes of “I am I said”, a great Neil Diamond classic where a lonely artist sings about the fact that no one listens to him, “not even the chair” and it is exactly this chair that Patrick put onto the canvas in his one-minute attempt. Coincidence? Or subconscious behaviour? Who knows? At least it proves a relation between both art forms.

The home – office of Neil Diamond asked for an article of this Art performance for its own FOND (friends of Neil Diamond)magazine, to be published. Neil Diamond himself showed himself very interested in this one-minute art project and was particularly interested how it worked! He was utmost glad with the article made about this. The art project can be followed on the internet on where the viewer can vote “yes” (green button) to see Patrick perform again the next day (not weekend) or “no”, red button, to stop his performance. This is of course pretty hard, but is part of the game that makes this art project so powerful.

The broadcast started on the 15th of April and continues over the next four working days. (not on the weekend)

The program is calls “man bites dog” and is scheduled after the seven o’clock news in Belgium. The program is very popular and reaches every week the top ten of all programs. it has an average of over 1 million viewers a day, which is huge, knowing that the whole of the Flemish part of Belgium counts but 6 million inhabitants.

Patrick Gysemberg is a Premiere Portfolio Artist at View more of is work at: /

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