Soundtrack of “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

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June 30, 2004
By Tim Jaramillo

In his latest big-screen comedy, ‘Anchorman; The Legend Of Ron Burgundy,’ WILL FERRELL pulls in the laughs as a tragically un-hip newscaster with a stylish moustache. The soundtrack to the movie offers a flashback of butt-kicking classic rock and soul-shakin’ funk hits!

BLUES IMAGE gets this party started with its 1970 hit single “Ride, Captain, Ride.” The CORNELIUS BROTHERS & SISTER ROSE bring on the funk with the pulsing “Treat Her Like A Lady,” and GENE CHANDLER lays down a thick groove on his smooth soul tune “Groovy Situation.”

More classic rock comes courtesy of KANSAS, as the group pounds away on the melodic “Carry On, My Wayward Son.” FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION offer up its swingin’ funk track “Grazing In The Grass.” The chorus to this tune- “Can you dig it?/ I can dig it/ He can dig it/ She can dig it/ We can dig it/ They can dig it/ You can dig it,” is definitely one of the more entertaining things to come out of the ’70s!

“That Lady,” performed by the ISLEY BROTHERS, is an interesting exploration into the psychedelic world of space funk. For the duration of the last half of the song, you get to join the guitarist on a distorted journey into the freaky sounds of outer space, as he plucks unearthly melodies from his axe.

Other notable tracks on the album include the velvety voice of BILL WITHERS on the gritty soul track “Use Me,” the excess of TOM JONES’ “Help Yourself,” and Will Ferrell himself joining in on vocals for the nostalgic rock tune “Afternoon Delight.”

‘Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy’ is in theaters July 9 and the soundtrack is in stores now!

1. Ron Burgundy Welcomes You To His Album
2. Blues Image- Ride Captain Ride
3. Jonathan Edwards- Sunshine (Go Away Today)
4. Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose- Treat Her Like A Lady
5. Gene Chandler- Groovy Situation
6. Kansas- Carry On Wayward Son
7. Friends Of Distinction- Grazing In The Grass
8. Neil Diamond- Cherry, Cherry
9. Isley Brothers- That Lady
10. Henry Gross- Shannon
11. Bill Withers- Use Me
12. Tom Jones- Help Yourself
13. Hall & Oates- She’s Gone
14. Will Ferrell & The Channel 4 News Team- Afternoon Delight
15. Ron Burgundy’s Sign Off

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