Nick to put imitation skill on record

Nick to put imitation skill on record
Mar 16 2004

By Stephen Hallmark

Stars in their eyes finalist Nick McCullock is planning to release an album as a tribute to his hero Neil Diamond.

After finishing third in the grand final of Saturday night’s show, games shop area manager Nick is hoping to record his own material.

Although the idea is still in its early days, Nick, 34, has already written plenty of material for a record which he hopes will launch his singing career.

The debut album is to be called With Respect, and Nick has already sent the title track – about Neil Diamond – to his hero as a birthday present earlier this year.

Nick. who works for Gamestation in Coventry, came third in last Saturday’s televised grand final on ITV1.

Nick, who lives in Exhall and went to Nicholas Chamberlaine School in Bedworth, said: “Performing at the final was very frightening, but I look back on it and see it as a fantastic achievement and one which I really enjoyed.

“I’m a bit sad that there were a few mistakes with the backing music, which made me sound out of time for a brief moment, but it was a really good show and the guys who won were fantastic.”

Paul Robeson and Meatloaf impersonators brought in more of the votes, but rather than reflecting on what could have been, Nick is looking forward to releasing the album.

He said: “I’ll be singing in the style of Neil Diamond. They are basically my own songs, though, and I’m thoroughly enjoying writing and performing them.

“I haven’t quite figured out how to release them, but as soon as I do I will tell the Evening Telegraph’s readers how they can get hold of copies.”

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