Neil Diamond Tweets About Delays Getting To Boston

Neil Diamond talks to WBZ after his sound check at the Hatch Shell July 3.

Neil Diamond talks to WBZ after his sound check at the Hatch Shell July 3.

1 of 1 Neil Diamond posted on Twitter Friday that he was having trouble getting to Boston for a 4th of July sound check on the Esplanade.

Diamond is the star attraction at this year’s July 4th Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular on WBZ-TV Saturday night.

He was due in Boston for a 9 a.m. sound check at the Hatch Shell.

But he was struggling with flight delays overnight.

Here’s what he posted on his Twitter page early Friday morning.

“Plane diverted to CT. Still trying to get to Boston after 14hrs. Sound check starts in 6hrs – must be there on time! The journey continues.”

Around 8:30 a.m. he posted an update – with good news:

“Made it to Boston with some time to spare. Slept on the plane, slept in the car, slept at the hotel. We’re ready to rock n’ roll!”

“We were running and we were flying and driving, but we made it and we knew we would and I’m happy that we finally got here,” he told WBZ after the sound check.

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Diamond also said he’s thrilled the Red Sox play his classic hit “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park and that he’s been adopted by Sox fans.

“I’ve been to New England so many times over the years, it does feel like I’m coming home.”

Pops conductor Keith Lockhart said he had been trying for years to get Diamond to perform in Boston on the 4th and is grateful to finally have him.

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