Neil Diamond To Record With Limp Bizkit

Neil Diamond To Record With Limp Bizkit
by Paul Cashmere – April 5 2009
photo by Ros O’Gorman

Neil Diamond seems to be considered recording something with Limp Bizkit. Then again, he could be just off his face when he twitters.

According to a Twitter exchange between Diamond and Fred Durst, the possibility of Neil getting into some Nookie may be on the cards.

“I am a huge fan of yours. We should do a collaboration – Neil DIamond meets my band Limp Bizkit. Sounds fresh,” Durst twittered to Diamond.

“I’d love to, where and when?”, Diamond twittered back.

“FANTASTIC!!!!! Incredible!! What a dream come true thanks to Twitter!! I’m in LA. Follow me and we can “direct message”, Durst responded.

After that Durst posted, “That is very inspiring. I am sure he’s written more timelessness for the universe”.

Durst and Diamond recording together isn’t as far-fetched as it may sound. Diamond has been working with producer Rick Rubin for his last few albums and Rubin is a former producer of Limp Bizkit.

Limp Bizkit recently got back together and are recording. Diamond is also working on his next album.

Neil Diamond has been spending a bit of time on Twitter. Last week he said, “Heard a couple of new Paul Simon songs. Paul himself played them for me, they were among the best he’s ever written. I better get to work”.

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