Local mom, daughter experience ‘Oprah’

Local mom, daughter experience ‘Oprah’

By The Daily News editorial board – Short Takes for Monday, Jan. 16
Today’s “Oprah Winfrey Show” will have a Montcalm County flavor.

Maybe. On Thursday, Greenville’s Janie Petersen and her daughter, Kim Kuhn of Stanton, attended a taping of the popular talk show host’s television show in Chicago. Guests included actor Samuel L. Jackson and singer Neil Diamond.

The show is scheduled for broadcast today. The two aren’t sure if they’ll be on camera. Once when the audience was bidding on a Neil Diamond costume for charity a woman sitting in front of the pair bid $1,500 and they may have been included in the shot of her.

Petersen described the experience as being “great fun.”

“Everyone should go at least once,” she said.

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