Hot August Night, 30 years on

35 years ago this Friday, Neil Diamond recorded one of the landmarks of his career – Hot August Night.

The double album was a massive hit in Australia, staying at number one on the charts for 29 weeks. In the ABC’s My Favourite Album poll earlier this year, it came in at number 16, ahead of Carole King’s Tapestry, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Queen’s A Night at the Opera, and Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. And it’s been observed that you can’t go into an op shop without finding a copy of it!

To mark the 35th anniversary of one of the biggest albums of the 1970s, we’re going to dust off the vinyl and give Hot August Night a spin on the morning show with Dave Lennon this Friday, 23 August.

But which songs? Crunchy Granola Suite (good lord!), Cherry Cherry, Porcupine Pie, Shiloh – there are something like 25 tracks on there, and we can’t play them all – so we need your help choosing.Get in touch with us and tell us which are your favourite Hot August Night songs. Friday morning, we’ll tally up the totals and play the ones you voted as your favourites.

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