Dinkum Diamond barracks for Lions

Dinkum Diamond barracks for Lions
PAUL STEWART in Los Angeles

FAN: Neil Diamond and Rachel Farley AMERICAN music superstar Neil Diamond has been converted to a Brisbane Lions fan.

And he also gets to his feet to sing our national anthem when an Aussie wins gold in Athens.

Diamond, 63, said his “indoctrination” was thanks to his girlfriend – marketing executive Rachel Farley, 33, from Brisbane.

Diamond, who will play at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on March 15, met Farley during his 1996 Australian tour when she was marketing his merchandise.

“Every time Australia wins gold she makes me stand to attention with her, salute and sing Advance Australia Fair,” laughed the world renowned singer-songwriter in his private Los Angeles studio.

“Honestly, she is like some crazy cheerleader, a typical Aussie who loves her sport.

“She is also indoctrinating me to Aussie rules and the Brisbane Lions.”

Diamond said he was barracking for the Aussies in between recording a new album.

“I’m recording during the day and then I rush home at night to watch the Olympics and to relax.

“My favourite sport is the fencing.

“Not many people know that I got a scholarship to university to be part of the fencing team. The songwriting came later.”

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