Diamond beats Stones in March Madness

Diamong beats Stones in March Madness

By Anthony SanFilippo , Times Music Writer 03/12/2004

And the results are…
I don’t know how many of the hundreds of music fans who have been voting in this tournament are actually college basketball fans, but what we have here, in the second round of the Times’ March Music Madness, are a several instances of Cinderella knocking off a heavy favorite to reach the sweet 16.

Probably the biggest stunner is Neil Diamond knocking off the Rolling Stones.

Not one of the 16 second-round contests was a blowout like in the first round. Many of the contests came down to only a few votes.

To be honest, I had a master bracket on my desk with my expectations as to where the readers would vote, and while going 31-for-32 in round one (I really thought Chicago would knock off Journey) I was a stunned 11-for-16 in round two (yes, there were, in my opinion, five upsets).

But as all the sportscasters say, that’s why they play the games.

So here are the third-round matchups, with the commentary provided by the voters. Don’t forget to send me your picks for the “Elite Eight” at asanfilippo@delcotimes.com.

(Again, the percentage number next to a band’s name is the total percent of the vote they received in round two.)

John Region

1. The Beatles (73%) vs. 13. Linda Ronstadt (67%) – Heavy metal (Metallica) falls to the most dangerous Linda since Linda Blair. But can anyone stop the Fab Four, who one reader called the “first boy band?”

3. Elton John (70%) vs. 7. U2 (55%) – Bono and the boys struggled to knock off Tom Petty, but if they get a boost from St. Patrick’s week, they should make the sun go down on Elton.

Paul Region

1. Garth Brooks (64%) vs. 4. Bruce Springsteen (61%) – The country legends are making a better showing than expected, and with a lot of anti-Bruce votes coming in during round two, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Boss go down to Garth – who is proving worthy of a top seed.

14. The Doors (73%) vs. 2. The Eagles (70%) – This was perhaps my favorite line from an e-mailer so far: “Another subliminal football vibe carries the Eagles to victory, as they thank all that is holy there is no famous rock band called the Panthers.” Thanks Jack from Folcroft!

George Region

1. Elvis Presley (79%) vs. 13. Boston (52%) – The King lived up to his moniker with the largest margin of victory in round two, while Boston had the closest contest of the second round and sneaked past Phil Collins. However, as Regina from Glenside – a closet music columnist herself – so eloquently put it: “An act with a name like this one would have to change it to ‘New England’ to win it all.”

11. Bob Dylan (64%) vs. 7. Alabama (55%) – This is a stunner. I would vote for Dylan over Aerosmith too, but I didn’t think enough people would agree. But the former Mr. Zimmerman surprised, and now is a danger to win it all.

Even more of a shock was Alabama knocking off No. 2 Pink Floyd. How does this happen in Delco? I thought they would have lost in the first round to the Backstreet Boys.

Ringo Region

1. Led Zeppelin (58%) vs. 13. Queen (52%) – For a while it looked like Robert Plant and the boys were going to lose to Journey of all people. But a strong push by their fan base down the stretch assured all four top seeds in the sweet 16. As for Queen, a close win over Rod Stewart makes them the third No. 13 seed to make it this far.

6. Neil Diamond (64%) vs. 2. Billy Joel (70%) – That is not a type-o. Neil Diamond easily knocked off the Rolling Stones. Easily. And that’s not counting all the votes from a Neil fan Web site that just screamed at me “Neil is the greatest,” or “I love Neil,” or this gem: “Neil can ‘Play Me’ anytime.” Can he possibly win this whole thing? Billy Joel seems to be a Delco icon, so this could be an even tougher matchup for Neil than the Stones.

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