You guys had nothing to worry about! It’s even better

than I imagined it would be. And now I will spend my whole day having fun with it 🙂 KUDOS TO YOU ALL!!
ps. how do you do this optional image thing?

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  1. You just paste a URL into the Optional Image box. The image that it points to will appear at the top of your message text.

    You can also simply paste the URL “within” the text, like you did on the old board, and your image will appear “within” the text where you pasted it.

    It’s just a matter of preference, but it basically either way works the same. (Personally, I prefer to paste my image where I want it to appear in the text.)


  2. Rob had that first for us to use and we told him that wasn’t good enough…we needed to be able to control where we wanted the image. Being the trouper that he is, he found a way to do that, too. We never asked him to remove the optional image things as they might be handy for someone just wanting to post a few photos.



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