Whoopie! I got 2nd row in Kansas City!!!

Bev, I’ll be sitting close to you! I still can’t believe it. Last week, I got 12th row. I thought I’d try again today for the heck of it. I used the internet. I passed on a lot of far away seats. I was about to quit and go out for recess with my students when 2nd row, section A popped up. I still can’t believe it! We better not have a blizzard that Thursday – Friday!

Kansas City, here I come!!!!

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  1. You have more nerve than I do. I got tickets in Section 117 last week, and I thought I would try again today. I’m afraid to throw them back, though, in case I don’t get anything better. I got Section 104, which looks to be right by the stage. I can’t tell exactly. Does anyone know if it’s going to be too far behind the action to see much? I’m just no good at this! I should have kept trying – maybe I could be sitting with you guys in the second row!



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