Video of Neil singing “The Freedom Song” in the studio

Never saw this video before.Wow!


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  1. Best Song in Years!!

    I think this is the best song I have heard in years! Do you know when he made this video? I hope he puts it on a future album/CD.  Thank you so much, you made my day!!

    (note to Graham who posted above: if you click the CC button in the bottom right hand of screen, the lyrics will play on the screen)


  2. Freedom Song

    Neil recorded this in 2013 in a response to the Boston Marathon bombing, it was only ever available on download with 100% of profits going to the appeal set up after the bombings. Personally I think this version (i.e. the video) which I have never seen before is better than the download version, it is less sanitised and Neil gets his message across much more powerfully.



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