So Neil sells his catalogue to Universal for an undisclosed amount nearly two years ago, what have we so far had from Universal, a big fat nothing?

Question, what on earth are they doing with all the unreleased stuff, audio/Video? Do they plan releasing any of this any time soon? or will they wait until all ND fans are long gone, in which case no one will be interested?

I cant quite fathom what the plan is, Universal have virtually binned off Neil since he joined them no celebratory re-releases of some of his best material, repackaged, remastered with outakes of songs originally recorded for said albums included? absolutely nothing?

A crying shame that Neil has been ignored imo by Universal and we have had nothing apart from the covers album in 2021.

Comments anyone?



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  1. Universal and ND

    Saw your post in which you hit it on the button about nothings been done for two years or more. In my opinion it’s either Neil’s camp is remastering all the tapes or something else.  Doesn’t Capitol & Universal know that their holding on to a goldmine.





  2. $$$$$$

    Universal is probably more interested in generating dollars via the marketing of ND music, (adobe and Jim Beam commercials) than actually creating new content.

    When Beautiful Noise, goes on the road, there might be a tie-in with new content.


  3. Uni and ND

    I think they totally missed the boat not putting out a 50th anniversary set for the Jonathan Livingston Seagull soundtrack. There has to be outtakes, dropped songs, stuff from Lee Holdridge that didn’t get in, etc in the vaults. Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull knows how to put out anniversary sets, Uni is just sitting on their hands.


  4. Uni

    There have been numerous anniversaries completely bypassed, BN for one that could have been a big updated album as we know there were tracks left off the original album? Instead nothing.

    Many artistes in conjunction with their record companies release re-packaged albums to celebrate particular milestones, what have we had, nothing.

    My point is, if Universal have all of this unreleased stuff, why not release some? As I said most ND fans will be long gone if not?



  5. Commercials

    A point well made JP as the VW Super Bowl Commercial featuring I am I said has proven. Last time I checked it had racked up nearly 1.3 million views having only been launched a couple of days ago. Good too to see a song other than Sweet Caroline getting exposure.



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