Tickets – the highs and lows!

The highs – Ames – we have 3rd row, 7th row, 8th row on the floor and 2nd row Parquet. All great seats. We have a ton of fans we are covering for so now comes the job of sorting them out. We had the help of friends out of state and then some fans locally who were able to do pretty well last week on the pre-sale.

Now the lows – nothing for KC. The best was like 17th row on the floor. Looks like the scalpers will getting will be getting calls from us.

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  1. I was trying to pull just single . . . I got a lot in Sec. A row 15, then like you said, row 17 and 20 a lot. I was hoping you all had done well. It was still a weird sale . . .



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