The Jazz Singer 40th Anniversary

I had hoped Capitol Records would have issued a special anniversary release of THE JAZZ SINGER Soundtrack for the December 19th 40th anniversary of the movie.  It has been 40 years, and it would be great to see an expanded edition of the soundtrack album with the cuts as they were heard in the movie;  HAVA NAGUILA, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, the soft guitar intro before the orchestra on SONGS OF LIFE when the Greyhound Bus is pulling into the Texas bus stop, and AMERICA at the end of the film.

It would have been fun to see this released.  I am also surprised that Lionsgate Films, who now owns the movie, did not issue a Hi-Def Blu-ray to celebrate, too.  Another missed opportunity.  I would love to add THE JAZZ SINGER to my rapidly growing Blu-ray collection.  It would be fun to get Neil, Lucie, Franklin, and Catlin, and other cast and crew, band, etc., to do a full-length commentary for the film, too.  Maybe one day down the road we will see these two re-releases in these formats. Until then… thoughts?

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  1. Jazz Singer on Bluray

    Hi Tom

    It came out this year on bluray, but only in Europe (but the language is english, Area code is 2 unfortunately, so you need an area code free player):

    The picture and sound quality is superb and it includes a huge booklet.


  2. I would LOVE...

    to see something like what you are describing, Tom.


    In fact, I can’t decide what I would like more now – the expanded soundtrack, or the full-length commentary!


    I have been wishing for “Hava Nagila” and “You Are My Sunshine” for so long, but hearing Neil, Lucie, and others give commentary would be a dream.


    If something like this ever happens, it would be awesome for it to be released as a Blu-Ray + DVD package like in Hess’s example, plus Digital Download.  Those are my favorite types of releases. 🙂


  3. Blu Ray DVD - a real treat!

    I have the German Blu Ray version, which also comes with a standard DVD version. Both disks come  with a gallery of various artwork from media covers and an interesting US trailer. The box is a nice book-shaped one that is smart and feels like quality.

    But it is the remastered HD version of the movie that is so pleasing. I was not really expecting it to be such good quality, but it is – along with great sound. I have an older DVD version that is grainy and a bit muffled in places, but this sorts that out. I can finally enjoy this undervalued movie properly. Listening with headphones is even better.

    The booklet is in German but 16 pages and, from what I can see, quite well written, although conveying info most fans know.

    If you  want to enjoy The Jazz Singer with Neil, this is probably as good as it can get. You can have it with some more boom, boom, boom.

    Wonder why it’s only come out in Germany? BTW, my Blu Ray players seem both to handle disks from the States and Europe.



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