The Jazz Singer 40th Anniversary

I had hoped Capitol Records would have issued a special anniversary release of THE JAZZ SINGER Soundtrack for the December 19th 40th anniversary of the movie.  It has been 40 years, and it would be great to see an expanded edition of the soundtrack album with the cuts as they were heard in the movie;  HAVA NAGUILA, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, the soft guitar intro before the orchestra on SONGS OF LIFE when the Greyhound Bus is pulling into the Texas bus stop, and AMERICA at the end of the film.

It would have been fun to see this released.  I am also surprised that Lionsgate Films, who now owns the movie, did not issue a Hi-Def Blu-ray to celebrate, too.  Another missed opportunity.  I would love to add THE JAZZ SINGER to my rapidly growing Blu-ray collection.  It would be fun to get Neil, Lucie, Franklin, and Catlin, and other cast and crew, band, etc., to do a full-length commentary for the film, too.  Maybe one day down the road we will see these two re-releases in these formats. Until then… thoughts?

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  1. Jazz Singer

    Capitol Records seem to be the masters of ignoring anything Neil Diamond it seems, I just can’t get my head around why Neil left Columbia to go to a company that wants to keep him on the shelf.



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