Ron Tutt (83) R.I.P.

Ron Tutt, drummer of Elvis Presley and Neil Diamond, has died aged 83. R.I. P.

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  1. R.I.P.

    Sad news.

    Thank you, Ronnie. An exceptional stickman. Your connection with the performer showed itself. Elvis’s shoulders would twitch to your slightest nuance.

    Neil’s live performances were also enhanced by your expressive backbeat – it was a privilege to have seen what all the fuss was about over many live Diamond shows.

    You and Charlie Watts can now argue whose backside was the best to sit behind on stage!

    Thank you and farewell.


  2. Rest in Peace

    I’m sorry to hear of Ron’s passing.  I have had so many good times at Neil’s concerts over the span of 30 years and am thankful I had the opportunity to see Ron play.  His musical career speaks for itself and although his live performances are no longer, his music will play on.  Thanks for the memories Ron Tutt, it’s time to move on but I will never say goodbye. Condolences to Ron’s family, friends and fans.



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