Question for David Wilde about Rolling Stone

I know David worked for RS for a long time.I would like to know the thinking behind excluding Neil’s music in their ‘500 Greatest lists’Like the new “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.Not only are Neil’s Brill Building contemporaries listed but also his early 70’s Singer-Songwriter contemporaries.But not a single ND song.More laughable is all the crap from today.You mean to tell me that rappers singing about their behinds to pre-programmed beats (Megan the Stallion,Niki Minaj,etc) are more timeless then say “Sweet Caroline” or “Solitary Man” or “Brother Love’s Traveling salvation Show” or “Holly Holy” or “Shilo” or  “Iam…I Said” or “Cracklin Rosie”?

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  1. Rolling Stones' Lists are a Joke

    All you need to know about the quality of Rolling Stones’ greatest whatever lists is that they have Bob Dylan as the 7th greatest singer (vocalist) of all time. Now don’t get me wrong, Bob’s an all time great, but at the very best his voice is an acquired taste. They also have John Lennon as #5 on that list, which also seems silly.

    In addition, in its compilation of 50 greatest live albums, Hot August Night in absent from the list.  So I don’t put much stock in Rolling Stones’ lists.



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