NNR – ToniB…..enjoying your new computer??? n/t

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  1. thinkin’ about it…lol!

    If one more person asks me what I want on a new computer or says have you thought about adding this or that…now I’m so confused.

    Doubt I will spend much time learning to use all that fandangled stuff on the new ‘puters, so I’m tryin’ to work it all out and I’m sure that after I get one, I’m gonna say, “Oh I wish I had added that feature”!

    Here’s the funny part…I don’t even have enough memory on this computer to “build” a computer on Dell’s site so it’s been interesting.

    My nephew, who’s in his senior year of college in computer science, spent about an hour this past weekend on the phone with me. He’s calm and decisive and methodic and we went over all the stuff I have and weighed upgrading to buying a new one. He took the time to explain stuff to me. He knows how to “handle” his Aunt Toni and when I don’t understand his techy talk, he switches his explanation or questions to a way I can understand. What a sweethawt he is.

    I’m gettin’ there…thanks for askin’.


  2. It’s true about upgrading memory…..I explored and rejected that path, as well. However, after making my decision and purchase, I did sell my Dell on eBay in a pick-up auction to a VERY happy camper who didn’t have the memory requirements I do. So, it worked out.

    Just two things I would shoot for are: the highest speed processor (not less than 2.0 GHz, but faster if possible); and, the most RAM (not less than 512 MB, but 1 GB is perfect). Armed with this, you’ll be ready for most programs and anything else you want to do. A good CD/DVD drive and you’ll be ready to go! It’s as simple as that, as just about everything else will be standard anyway. These two items are “budget items”, so you go with what you want to do/spend.

    Nothing worse than unsolicited advice, I know……fifty lashes for me!!

    Be well. 🙂 Nicki



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