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There was a post on Neil’s facebook page yesterday informing fans to sign up to a forthcoming newsletter event or events to receive details on upcoming events and exciting projects!

I have no idea what these may be or will be but I have signed up to find out more when any news drops.


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  1. New album?

    When he announced he was ill in 2017, he had just finished a US and European tour and was still in fine voice. He also added that he would continue to make music. Could this be about a new album, for which he took ample time, given his illness? Fingers crossed 🤞


  2. Newsletter

    Once signed up you should receive any news directly into your email box!!

    We have not had any new releases since the Orchestrated album of covers back in 2022, I think it was, someone made a good point that Neil retired from touring in 2017/18 and was still quite well and had been writing new material up to that point and presumably beyond. If a new album were to be put together then I suspect its been an ongoing project for 5 years or more, we know he visited his studio regularly and possibly is still doing so. I think something will be forthcoming this year, it could be a album , a video, a compilation or something else but something is way overdue and better than nothing.

    I see they have just released a new Johnny Cash Album found from years ago he had recorded during his Rick Rubin sessions!!

    Lets see if anything happens!




  3. Newsletter

    I have an email saying about the  musical touring started in Rhode Island

    No idea if there will be more, its odd nothing else has been said about Neil himself and how he is.  I have Parkinson’s and I know it has affected me in various ways, I just would like to  know how he is and if he is still writing at all.




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