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  1. First outing on vinyl for HAN 3 and NYC.


    Although this is all marketing – I am pleased to be able to buy LPs of Neil’s last two landmark live albums.

    I’ve gone for the coloured limited editions because ,- well – just because.

    I have original LP copies of the three earlier concerts – indeed, several of HAN 1. But, am glad Neil is getting reissued.

    Glad also that Live In America is not included as the sound on that one was just not right for me. I feel that one might struggle as a vinyl.

    Looks also like a regular copy of All Time Greatest Hits is bring made available – I was struggling to get a copy here in the UK of the limited vinyl for a reasonable price. (Almost ble  what US retail cost is with import duty & taxes).

    The 5 coloured vinyl double albums average out at about £24 each with delivery on a bundle deal from Sound of Vinyl (Universal essentially) in the UK. I think that’s quite good for ten slabs of  trendy vinyl, fresh gatefold LP covers to treasure.

    A great chance, also, to revisit Love At The Greek – which, like HAN 2, has not had any reissue for years.

    An artist having such a strong love be legacy is pretty special. Recording methods of each era aside, the overall quality of work Neil laid down is tremendous and these 5 landmark recordings spanning  the decades is now going to be freshly minted for others to discover and enjoy.

    I don’t think record experts go mad over coloured limited ed vinyl, but, as a lifelong fan of Neil, I simply cannot  resist this lot.

    If previous recent LP reissues of Neil can he used as an indication of quality, then IT bodes well.

    The feeling of opening, smelling and playing factory fresh records is a pleasure, even for old music.

    There are plenty of battered copies of the first 3 double album live sets in charity shops. But I will look forward to indulging in some old skool unwrapping and spinning.


  2. these all look amazing ...

    I just hope they might remaster the records for improved sound.  It doesn’t really indicate that which makes me a little nervous.  I truly wish they would have considered making HAN 3 and HAN NYC complete show releases on vinyl even if it that would be clearly more than 2 vinyls.  Oh well just my two cents.  I am excited about them and hope they will consider re-releasing more of his material on vinyl.


  3. Coloured Vinyl

    If there’s one thing that’s been proven many times over and that is sound quality has never been as good on coloured / picture vinyl opposed to standard black.

    Must admit nice to have but then you simply slide it away in the collection never to be seen again, thus why I’m seriously thinking of parting with most of my massive worldwide Diamond Vinyl that I’ve had and built up over the years before I leave it to someone else to simply donate it away to the Salvo’s or Goodwill.


  4. Remastered?

    In my experience, Remastered does not always mean better sound. It has been used as a sales gimmick for years and spans a wide range of quality. In some cases, the original ends up outshining any remaster.

    If the original mastering is really good in the first place, then really there is no need for a remaster.

    In the case of Neil Diamond, much of the original mastering was top notch anyway. Indeed, when ‘remastering’ has taken place, sometimes it has not been for the better. Simply cranking up the original can sometimes provide a more wholesome experience.

    Although there are exceptions. Hot August Night 1 is stupendous anyway, and a pristine orignal copy is available, that is fine. The represses of that one over the years, including the anniversary copies, are all wonderful.

    HAN 2 not so much of a classic, but, arguably, is a product of its time with the recording characteristics reflecting the era. Neil is more gruff in that one anyway and the whole thing is more ‘synthy’ and ‘modern’ in feel. I would be interesting to see if it could be transformed by remastering, but I am not sure whether it is regarded in such reverence as its original predecessor.

    I have always wondered if Love At The Greek could do with a bit more love though. It was always a pale follower to the incredible HAN 1. It will be interesting to see if anything has been done to he transfer to make it even better.

    The final two HANs are wonderfully recorded and mastered anyway – I have no complaints about them really. They are, of course, recorded on modern equipment with over 40 years of development further on from HAN1.

    I still reckon that HAN1 is one of the best examples of a live recording ever and it shines in all aspects and is hard to improve upon. I’ve spent enough money of the years acquiring different copies of it and have to admit that the humble original vinyl I have come across is consistently great.

    Anyway, I hope the new set is produced at the quality expected. Let’s hope. I do expect that the main purchasers of the specials will already have ordinary copies of the first three anyway. But vinyl versions of the last two are welcome additions. They will be digital transfers. mind you.


  5. Coloured Vinyl

    Coloured Vinyl is, indeed, a sales gimmick, not an assurance of quality. For Neil I make an exception.

    But one thing that appeals is the fact that music albums can be seen as nice to look at and to handle. It’s like all that craft beer that has taken off here in the UK – fancy cans, colourful labels and some kind of trend for a nice aesthetic.

    I daren’t think what someone will do with my collection when I finally go on my way to the sky (hopefully), which I’m not planning on doing too soon yet, by the way. But I would hope that when someone sees it, they will appreciate a little the love and dedication that went into amassing such a trove. All because of an admiration for an amazing musical figure who has provided a soundtrack to my life.

    There are worse things I could waste my money and time on, I am sure.


  6. Regarding Remasters.........................



    I couldn’t agree with you any harder in regards to remasters which generally are just as you say a bit of a gimmick to extract more of a fans money out of their pockets.


    I’ve got a number of copies of the Gold vinyl HAN issue from 1980 and truthfully they all sound very very average indeed.  The original first American pressing of HAN on the custom label in good condition is without a doubt the best vinyl copy you’ll find. Over here in Australia the MCA version with the multi-coloured hex is also the best he had here. The sad thing is that most re-issues are taken from sub-masters that are just copies of copies and are generally many generations poorer in their sound quality.


    The same can be also said for CD’s that were pressed outside of the USA. Many are simply deplorable and when run side by side against a First vinyl pressing you’d just pull the CD out of the tray and drop it in the nearest waste paper basket. Such is the case with the French CD pressing of Moods when played against the vinyl LP of the same. Mind you one must have a top flight rig to do this sort of comparison and notice the obvious difference.


    I’m on the same page as far as my vinyl collection goes, I also have many many copies of HAN from around the globe and what will happen to it all when I shuffle off this mortal coil boggles my mind sometimes. Maybe my kids will simply drop it all in the skip that’ll be parked out the front along with my Linn LP12 and IMF RSPM Mk IV’s, I’m sure Plutopants will understand those two brands and their following in the UK and Europe.


  7. Thanks everyone for your comments about remastering ...

    It is very helpful.  Both of your comments that you both offered were very interesting and good to know about remastering and better sound quality.  I agree about the remarks made about Love at the Greek.  It amazes me that the TV special was well put together I suppose for the most part (granted I would have loved to see him perform live I Think It’s Going to Rain Today which I believe he did perform at those shows) but the vinyl is so confusing and odd about the option of songs that were chosen for it.  Some “love” as was stated I agree would be so helpful.

    In regards to vinyl, I’m a huge fan and would definitely be interested if anyone does decide to sell some of their vinyl collection.  Just please please don’t go for the option of throwing it in the trash.  I beg you.  You guys are so amazing with the collections it sounds like you have.  I’m only in my 30s and would be quite interested to hear about your collections again if you decide to part with some of it.

    The one thing I am bummed about is that I saw the Sound of Vinyl website in the UK is offering a bundle deal on all 5 vinyl at a reduced price which seems pretty awesome.  Sadly the USA version of the Sound of Vinyl is not offering the bundle deal which I don’t understand why??


  8. Hi Dan,



    It’s pretty damm expensive to ship larger lots from Australia to the USA. The weight would be the killer of any deal struck up. The way all the postal systems are going they are going downhill rapidly as they think people will continue to pay their extortional figures. Locally many courier companies are now destroying Australia Post brick by brick and so they should from where us customers see it.


  9. That's a great point Hot April Nights and sucks I agree with the shipping ...

    I recently ordered some vinyl from England and I think it took about three weeks to make it to me.
    Part of it was because of the postal service in the USA and not overseas.  It’s challenging now I agree with how the postal services are going.  Still at the same time, I may not be able to buy the whole collection from you, but would be interested in a list perhaps or if you do pictures of everything you have.  You let me know and I can send you my email if that’s easier.  BTW being in Australia, did you see Neil at all the shows he did there?  It seems like he is so loved there which is awesome and puts on some amazing concerts.  I don’t know if you like the Tennessee Moon album or not but even that tour where he started in Australia was awesome!  I think he opened with A Matter of Love but in the USA I don’t think he felt comfortable or confident to do that and opened with Crunchy Granola Suite.  Not bad either but just interesting how he must think.


  10. Concerts in Oz................



    Yes I’ve been to every tour here in Australia, The first 2 shows of 3 in Adelaide to kick off his 1991 World Tour, then he returned in 1996 for the Tennessee Moon tour which he bypassed Adelaide doing Perth instead, thus I went to Melbourne for one night only, then 2 shows back in Adelaide during the 1999 tour. After that his next venture to Oz was the 2005 World tour where he did some open air gigs again here at Adelaide Oval before the major revamp of the place. He then skipped us during the 2008~9 tour. He came back during 2011 to which I took my son to having front row seats again as I’ve had for nearly all shows, then the last time we saw Neil here was in 2015 where I sat midway back on the floor and not with the fan club as I missed out on tickets due to a certain person being hard to get along with, and then finally I was going to go to the 2017 shows thinking they will be the last but sadly they never eventuated with the tour being cancelled after that last show at the O2 Arena in London.


    So yes I have been to plenty of shows here in Australia with the only one not attended being the 1976 show at Football Park, which I really wanted to go to but my parents were not fans of Pop / Rock concerts back then.


    As far as selling my collection off is concerned I’d probably prefer someone to just take the whole lot in one go as it would be an arduous task selling individual LP’s off. I also have the full Australian collection of 45rpm singles. Those would be far easier to ship off internationally I’d say.



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