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  1. Thanks

    Bless Neil and his courage at doing this interview. Neil fans will appreciate the dignified humility he continues to show.

    Still remains my all time lifetime singer hero. He’s meant so much to so many people. Thank you Neil. May you always be in my soul and influence my life. Your music is my heartbeat.


  2. Thank you..

    Thank you so much for this link Dannyboy.  Wonderful to see Neil and to hear his thoughts on his life and his career.  He will always be my #1.  Thank you Neil for the Beautiful Noise you have brought into our lives, and I hope you continue to have many Great days for a long time to come.


  3. I was a bit of everything...

    Neil has proven once again that his humility and understanding of the “human condition” have played a big part in making him the greatest singer/song writer of a generation (I’m biased of course).  I have to admit I watched with a tear in my eye as one of my life’s biggest influences lamented on his career and current health/life situation.  When I heard the news, I too wanted to just move on as nothing had happened.  I was in shock and regretting not getting to that show in Portland, thinking: “Neil sounded great, there will be another tour.”

    The musical seems to have breathed some life into his fanbase, I know it did for me, but it’s also brought some sadness, knowing the tours, and new albums are no longer. I can’t think of a bigger influence on all aspects of my life, and I will always be grateful.

    I doubt he reads but hopefully he’ll get this message in spirit: Neil, I hope you find peace and comfort in your life. I wish you many days of love, laughs and good times with those you love.  You were always there for me, whether I was happy, sad, excited, or melancholy there was a perfect song for every moment.  Neil you have touched many hearts along the way. Now, you move forward on your great journey of life but before you leave I wish to say with great pride and thanks…Thanks for the memories you have created in my life Neil, it’s time to move on but I’ll never say goodbye.



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