New Interview

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  1. Lovely

    Lovely, thanks for posting Richard

    That’s the only bit of promotion I’ve seen. I thought we may have got a live or pre recorded interview on the usuals; Graham Norton, The One Show etc


  2. Stevie Wonder

    Good interview.But was a bit surprised that Neil has no new music planned.So the Stevie Wonder collaboration we have been reading about was just a strange and random harmonica appearance for September Morn?



  3. Great interview

    A decent interview! Wow. Thanks.

    The album is fantastic and works well as an album.

    I’m loving it each time I play it and even tunes I’d tired of I am finding a fresh interest in.


    Stevie’s harmonica is always great to hear – but it doesn’t seem integrated into the track – just bolted on. But I guess that’s studio work for you.


    A Volume 2 please!

    I’d also love a new album of originals but am happy Neil seems content and active. Reinterpreting his own catalogue is fine by me.

    Expanded reissues of his albums would be welcome in my book. Many lesser artists have had such treatment.



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