Just received a email from the ND store. A new CD/2CD/2LP will be released October 28th, 2022. The title, “A Neil Diamond Christmas.” It will contain previously released songs from Neil’s Xmas Lp’s from 1992 to 2016, with some new mixes. Go over to It shows the track list.


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  1. Another Christmas Compilation and Record Company Cash In

    According to the e-mail its a compilation.Which I find a little sad.An artist who recorded serious and deep pop and rock music for 50 years.But is fading into the good night with not the Rick Rubin albums but with Christmas jingles written in many cases not for 82 year olds to sing but 8 year olds.There is a reason most serious artists record a single Christmas album and move on.Not be stuck releasing it over and over.


  2. What a joke

    ND has released more Christmas albums than the Osmonds and Mormon Tabernacle Choir combined. Is this really what we’re getting now? Again?  This means it’ll be another year or two (or longer) before anything else is released.  What a money-grab. No wonder ND has been dismissed by rock critics for decades now. Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of another Xmas album, we were to get Live at the Forum or something a little more exciting than a rehash of Christmas music. C’mon. What a disappointment.


  3. At least you can't blame Neil, anymore...

    Universal controls the show.  Bad first choice from the vaults.

    Especially, with the Broadway show opening one week later.


  4. Christmas c~~~

    Oh dear me, really or is this a joke, more rehashed Christmas tripe from someone who is supposedly one the greatest all time Singer/Songwriters!! I’m speechless.

    Anyone buying this rip off is desperate in my opinion, some new mixes? what!!!! but its the same!

    Look I’m one of Neils biggest fans but I will not sit by and make no comments about this sort of thing, old rubbish with made up covers to boot, when as JLS said there are hundreds of unreleased tracks sitting in the vaults!!!, and to think Neil sold this to Universal!!! only for them to chase the money with what they believe will be a big money spinner, cause it will, people will pick it up and throw it in their baskets before Christmas, after that it will be in the rubbish bin selling at 1.99 a pop if that.




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