Neil on the late Hal Ketchum

Neil Diamond ‘Enjoyed the Heck’ Out of Ketchum’s Album ‘Father Time’

Neil Diamond was a fan of Ketchum’s work, according to The Boot, and wrote Ketchum a letter in 2008 in which he said about the album Father Time, “I gave it a real good listen and, you know what, I enjoyed the heck out of it.” Ketchum told The Boot that he wrote and recorded Father Time over a two-day period with live musicians on each track rather than overdubbing or pre-recording.

Ketchum said he met Diamond in Nashville in 1993 and that the pair wrote songs together.

Ketchum said he played rhythm guitar on one of Diamond’s albums. He told The Boot, “I went to his house and we wrote a couple songs. I got to play rhythm guitar on a Neil Diamond record which was huge for me. Having Neil Diamond write anything about me is kind of like painting Picasso’s house.”


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