Does anyb0dy know if Neil is the studio doing a new project or he is medically worse nowadays?

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  1. Studio

    The only thing we know is that he does visit his studio frequently in LA, but I suspect he will not be working on a brand new project as I believe he would be too tired?

    Having said that with modern tech and the way music can be produced these days it wouldn’t be impossible for him to put together a brand new album, but, and this is the rub, Neil has always been a control freak when making new music and he wouldn’t be in control!! so that may stop any project at the outset.

    Since 2017 when he officially retired from touring he must have written many new songs, in fact he made this point in several early interviews, but the fact we have had nothing tells me there will be nothing?



  2. Studio

    You are right Dave, i too have heard that he visits the studio frequently. And also Bill Cinque recently confirmed in a podcast that he worked with Neil at Arch Angel last summer. Other band members have also confirmed that he is still writing. You are right too that modern technology can make the recording process alot easier. Maybe something is afoot?


  3. Unlikely

    I think it unlikely Neil will release a new album, he has had Parkinson’s for a few years and I am sure it will have made his working harder and harder.  I know he visits the studio and was working at Arch Angel in the last 12 months but I feel having also having Parkinson’s he is going to be maybe writing but unable to confirm that right now.

    I wish him all the best, and for God to give him strength to get through this horrible disease.  My heart goes out to him and it would be wonderful to hear some good news from him.


  4. Disappointing

    I really thought Neil would release another new album. In the end, before the announcement that he was ill, Neil was still able to give two-hour concerts. But that was seven years ago. Universal has also done nothing in the meantime to pay due tribute to Neil’s musical oeuvre. Very disappointing.



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