Looks like Classics is doing well in the UK


says its the biggest physical seller of the week at number 2.

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  1. UK Sales

    Confirmed by UK Chart Company as well, album is currently the biggest seller in the UK since the last chart was issued, but looks like Taylor Swifts new album will pip Neil to any #1 slot given her current daily sales. Promotion has picked up a bit, we had the Sun interview and now we are seeing some television adds, but not neccesarily on peak channels at peak times. Come on Universal shell out for a couple of adds during the breaks in Coronation St!


  2. UK Sales Update

    Neil held on to the #2 slot in yesterdays official Top 100 and this despite heavy competition, notably from the likes of Gary Barlow and Michael Ball & Alfie Boe, all of who never seem to be off our TV screens. There is little doubt that Neil would have hit #1 had it not been for Taylor Swifts somewhat belated and unexpected album release. Additionally All Time Greatest Hits moved up 13 places to #54. I also didn’t realise that the latter was certified UK Platinum (300,000 sales) in August this year.



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