Jay Black Passing

Just announced on Cousin Brucie show on WABC 770 that Jay Black has died today at the age of 86. He was the lead singer on Neil’s song, “Sunday & Me” in November, 1965. It became a top 20 hit for Jay & the Americans in December, 1965. R.I.P Jay

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  1. Sunday

    Yes, saw this news and immediately thought of Sunday and Me – an early Neil song that I always liked.

    Did Neil ever perform it himself?


  2. Sunday & Me

    Unknown if Neil ever recorded, “Sunday & Me.”  In an article years ago, Neil mentioned that he can’t record every song he writes.

    I hope Neil will come to his senses that he will start a project of unreleased tracks that he has them locked up and releases them.  I’m sure there a lot good songs that he wrote back then and decides to release them.

    There is one song that Neil recorded and tried to get it release with no luck, “Nobody would touch it, not even the record companies.”  The song I’m talking about is: I’m A Man.  So he took out all the $$$ he had in his bank accounts and started a record company with David Rosner, Jaybern Records.  Jay, was Neil’s wife at the time, and Bern comes from David wife, Berniece.  They got a R & B singer, Benny Earl to record the song and it was released.  I have the 45.  and I found Brook Benton’s version of “I’m A Man” and it is a excellent version.

    It is one hellava and a powerful song, his best song he wrote as a solo writer in 1963 and recorded it, 9/3/63.

    Elton John is putting a project together 8 CD’s of unreleased tracks as reported by Billboard.com back in June and Streisand just released a  CD, called, “Rarities.”








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