We’ve had this website since 1999 but with all that has happened on social media we have not kept up with it as we probably should have. In saying that we hope that you find information about Neil here that you can’t find on any other site. At one time the message board was very busy but sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have taken over. There is a LOT of information about Neil on this site. We’re confident that if there’s something about Neil you’ve been wanting to know you will be able to find it here. Feel free to snoop around.

If you want to become we will respond as soon as we can but PLEASE be patient, it may take us some time to get to you.

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  1. Hello again


    I am so grateful for this site which led to so many amazing friendships and experiences for me. I don’t come here often these days but it is still a brilliant source of information

    Pip x



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