I highly recommend this album.

I’m so happy to be wrong about this. What a pleasant surprise. Some of these recordings are the best ever versions of these songs.  Neil probably unbeknownst to him, delivered a classic.

You all know me, I would be the first to tell you if it sucked!


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  1. I agree some of these versions

    have taken these songs into beautiful new places, I loved the originals so to rediscover songs that I knew so well and find new moments in them has been a wonderful thing. I wonder if they recorded more for version 2. I hope it’s a big hit !


  2. A stunning representation of Neil’s best

    The album reminds me not surprisingly of the Movie Album (which I love).

    The orchestral arrangementsare varied and deliberately fresh. Neil’s voice is wonderful for his vintage.

    An enormous range of talent has been involved in this.

    Roll on Volume 2!




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