I have not seen Beautiful Noise yet but am not thrilled with the song selection.

I like the soundtrack for what it is. That said, could they have played it any safer with the song selection? I realize the biggest hits like Sweet Caroline had to be included but how can you do “Beautiful Noise” without “If You Know What I Mean” and “Home Is a Wounded Heart?”

I saw a recent understudy video of the guy doing “Longfellow Serenade” it was fantastic. Perhaps they could add it to the show? The understudy guy sounds more like Neil than Will does. Also it appears to me that the costumes on Will do not look that much like Neil’s other than they are sparkling. It does not appear will has many of Neil’s mannerisms.

I have noticed that the show’s attendance has begun to decline. It was averaging a million dollars a week. In recent weeks it’s been in the seven hundred thousand dollar range. Its grossed around 30 million between Boston and NYC.

I can’t wait to see the show but I sense it could have been a lot better. It may be time to take it on the road.

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  1. Saw the show and I agree/disagree

    I saw the show twice, I don’t mind the song selection, after all it’s the highlights of Neil’s life I never expected any hidden gems.  Overall, it’s difficult to put EVERYTHING into one show for someone like Neil, and if we are being honest people love him for his hits.  I think playing it safe was just fine in this case.  I thought they did a nice job with the medleys.  Jordan Dobson’s Shilo was fantastic, and I loved the Brooklyn Roads/America mix.

    That said, I agree with your assessment of Will. I don’t mind the voice, Neil is difficult to replicate but I thought he was more Elivs than Neil with his on stage mannerisms. There was too much “leg shimmy” not enough “upper body emotion” (I guess the best way to describe it).  Not saying Will did a poor job, but it seemed to me he could have done some more study of Neil on stage.  I think the wigs look cheap, they could have done a better job with those.

    Overall, I thought it was all well done, and it was nice to have something “Neil” to look forward to….give it a shot live.





  2. Not far from my opinion expressed below

    I agree with your comments regarding Will. He’s a talented guy but not once did I think he really captured Neil. Maybe the understudy you referenced will get the lead when the show hits the road. My slight disappointment with the show is probably twofold: it was the last of 5 shows we saw while in NYC and frankly the production value simply wasn’t up to that of the other shows (a minimalist set with a somewhat weak story line), and my expectations were very high going in so I guess I was bound to be disappointed. We’ll see it again when it rolls around to AZ and I’m certainly not saying people shouldn’t go if they get the chance.



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