Hi Eydie new look!

I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment. I went back to the beginning to find square one. I did find out how to make the print bigger.LOL

Where is

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  1. Ok I have no idea where the rest of my post went. LOL And I was just thinking I was getting the hang of the new board. I’ve been going in and out for a couple of hours to get the “feel” of the new site.

    Now that I’m not so overwhelmed I love it. I’ve been checking everything out. Next thing is to register.

    My question is can I still “Remove Frames”? I often check the board from work and it’s hard to remain incognito. Don’t get me wrong I love the new look pictures and everything. You ladies sure did a wonderful job. Thank you for all the hard work. It’s just that I’m at work. At home my computer is in the same room as the piano and my daughter often needs both for schoolwork. She get first dibs, so I usually catch up at work.

    Thanks for the help.


  2. I won’t be checking the board while at work anymore because visually it screams Neil Diamond! Oh well, I’m seriously thinking of cutting way back on my time spent on-line so this will actually help me accomplish that. Gotta get off now as a matter of fact. This fan on the run is leaving in an hour to see Paul McCartney! 😉


  3. But now REALLLLLLY…….do ya wanna?


    I know exactly what you’re feeling, though.
    I’m just happy that my employer is as excited about this new site as I am.

    If I think of a way to block it out, I’ll post it here.

    Hey Z…..can you help with maybe “how to turn off graphics?”
    Would that help?


  4. Nobody at work says anything about personal computer use. We are to small and everyone is cool. I just didn’t want to push it. They think my fascination with Neil Diamond is cute. They are mostly all “organheads” and travel to see various recitalists, which I tease them about.

    If you figure something out great, if not I’ll work around it. Thanks!



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