Heartlight and press release

Press release



Looks like Vinyl, cd and download will be available.  Fanyone in UK, HMV link here



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  1. Track listing

    Beautiful Noise

    Hello Again

    I Am I Said

    I’m a Believer

    Song Sung Blue

    September Morn


    Holly Holy

    You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

    Play Me

    Love On the Rocks


    I’ve Been This Way Before

    Sweet Caroline


  2. Press release

    Capitol Records today announces the November 20th global release of Neil Diamond With The London Symphony Orchestra, Classic Diamonds, the new studio album from the iconic, multi-award winning songwriter, musician and performer Neil Diamond. Pre-order Neil Diamond With The London Symphony Orchestra, Classic Diamonds by clicking here.
    The 14-classic song collection Classic Diamonds features new vocals from Neil Diamond paired with a new interpretation of Diamond’s most celebrated chart-topping hits performed by The London Symphony Orchestra. Recorded at both the world famous Abbey Road Studios in London and Neil Diamond’s studio in Los Angeles, the album was produced by Grammy-winning producer/arranger Walter Afanasieff and co-arranged by Afanasieff and Grammy winning conductor/arranger William Ross, who also conducted The London Symphony Orchestra for the recording.

    “Neil Diamond is simply one of the most important vocalists and songwriters in the history of popular music, and this majestic new album shines a beautiful spotlight on some of his greatest works.  Classic Diamonds is a glorious addition to Neil’s body of work, and we are proud to be presenting it to listeners around the world,” says Steve Barnett, Chairman & CEO of Capitol Music Group.

    Neil Diamond’s towering artistic achievements have carried him far, from Brooklyn Roads, to Glory Road, to Melody Road and now to Abbey Road.  As a wordsmith and melodist, he is second to none and his music has touched generations in ways that are deeply personal, yet universally understood.  These are songs of their time…and for all time.  They are Classic Diamonds


  3. Excellent stuff

    Thank you for sharing the info.

    Personally I have hoped for such an album – Neil + a full orchestra.

    His songs deserve such treatment and I guess not touring offered a chance for this album to be achieved.

    Really looking forward to this – a bit of something to perk me up in these dark times.


  4. Heartlight

    I disagree with Paul Simon as to which song kept Neil out of the RRHOF so long.As YDBMF is a a sad dirgy breakup ballad while Heartlight is over-sentimental disney type schmaltz and the epitome of 1980’s most unhip.

    I personally would have enjoyed hearing Bang-era classics like “Solitary Man”,”Shilo”,”Kentucky Woman”, “GYBAWS”,etc  with an orchestra.And even one or two of his recent stripped down gems like “Hell Yeah” and “Pretty Amazing Grace”.

    But judging by the tracklist,Capital obviously is going after the Christmas cash of the adult contemporary market craving 1970’s soft pop comfort food (as Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow have run out of standards)


  5. Sky bird

    Agree skybird, in particular Pretty Amazing grace and Hell yeah would have made fabulous choices.  As for a deeper cut, Lady Magdalene/Yes I will  would have been great or imagine A Modern Day Version of Love with full orchestra.

    I find America an odd choice but looking forward to I’ve been this way before. Love this song.

    The record label have obviously gone for the Christmas cash of the casual fan and stocking filler £10 gift.

    12 or 14 tracks isn’t enough for all the ones us die hard fans would like and the reality is most wouldn’t have even heard of the ones we would like included  because they aren’t the mainstream hits.

    I don’t think this was a planned project but one that came together due to Covid.  They are just about to release Jonny Cash in the same format but thankfully Neil is still with us to record new vocals.

    My theory is the real new album is there or thereabouts done but delayed release until a better time with the possibility of one last show, likely The Greek in the Summer or NYC


  6. Glory Roads,Morningside,ATGWPNM,Stones,Be...

    There are many songs that would sound great with a full orchestra.But the selection is just his most well known AC hits presented in a new & completely non-rock context.

    But I predict that (like the Movie Album),Neil will earn a grammy nomination for this.


    “Heartlight” being the first single is a bit of surprise.The 1982 schmaltz that Neil left out of the setlist in the 2000’s as his Rick Rubin albums reached new artistic and critical heights.


  7. A Volume Two...

    Yes, a set of those deeper Neil cuts would be wonderful.

    I guess with Christmas coming, they’ve gone for the mainstream that will have a chance to sell.

    I don’t know anything about the producer mentioned but, as I loved the Movie Album, I’m up for this one.

    I bet there will be many more artists trawling their back catalogues for the orchestral treatment in future.

    I admit somehow I couldn’t quite gel with Rod’s as, for me, the band arrangements were so elemental in his sound.

    Neil’s always veered more towards the easy listening vibe – well, after his first period Bang releases at least.



  8. New Album

    This is a difficult one; agree that the tracks could have been more adventurous, but just happy that Neil is active and putting “new” music out there. I will certainly buy it especially in 180g Vinyl and I certainly think there will be at least one more original album to come, but I don’t think Capitol wanted a potential new original album lost in the mish mash of pre Christmas releases, whilst Neil and the LSO falls neatly into that demograph and will probably do ok, at least in the UK where we seem to love this sort of thing.

    Danny Boy has said that he hopes for one more last show. I would so much love that and would  do whatever it takes to be there, but I just don’t think it will happen.  I saw Neil’s “last” show at the O2 almost to the day and somehow I felt that would be the last one, just gut instinct I guess.

    One thing that makes me happy though is that this release has re ignited some decent debate on IAIS far removed from the the inane ramblings on Facebook!

    Keep safe everyone.


  9. Agree Richard

    It’s great to hear Neil again.  I’ve never been a fan of Heartlight but I think the album will have a couple of gems on it that I will like.  I’ve been this way before hopefully being one.

    i know we quite often discuss the record company “decisions” But I wonder in the latter years why Neil hasn’t released his own stuff under ArchAngel.


    I’m confident we will see more Neil next year when it is safer to do so and I think this will be a newly written album and a show of sorts.  Do you think we will see some online TV appearances to promote Classic Diamonds?

    It may be subtle but he said he had retired from touring not performing so fingers crossed we will see something.  I think a lot of the old stool band members were struggling too, poor Ron had to go home early and was replaced by Chris on the drums.  He gave a real boost with his enthusiasm and harder hitting that Ron couldn’t do any longer.

    After Glastonbury I always hoped Neil would come to the Isle of Wight festival as it would have been a great fit for him to headline the Sunday of this iconic festival plus selfishly, it’s just down the road from me too!

    The Greek would seem appropriate for one last hurrah and is close to home for Neil and although a short set he looked in good form for the Music Cares even back in March.  I think we would have seen it this year if it wasn’t for the global pandemic.

    My bag is packed and passport at the ready just in case!!

    I was also at that O2 show and  you could clearly see the hand shake that lots of us had noticed much earlier.  I do wonder if something was known earlier as the tour announcement came quite quickly after the 2015 one and the announcement for Australia was quite late on.  Maybe he hoped to get through it before the condition got worse or maybe the insurers pulled the plug for the Oz leg rather than Neil himself…..we will never know.

    I’ll make you a promise though, if there is no show or album next year I’ll gladly donate £20 to your preferred charity. Deal?



  10. He hasn't released a studio album of all new material in 6 years

    Next year it will be 7 years.The longest wait to hear new (non-Christmas novelty) songs in his entire career.








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