Has Capitol Records Made A Difference

Boy, I really thought Neil’s going over to Capitol from Columbia would have made a difference in how his catalog is treated. With the 50th anniversary of Tap Root Manuscript in 2020 come and gone, a new, expanded, remastered version of the album would’ve been nice. In 2023, it’s the 50th of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. How about a remaster, outtakes, demos. There’s got to be stuff in the vaults that haven’t seen the light of day. Look at how Ian Anderson is releasing 40th and 50th anniversary editions of the Jethro Tull albums in a “book” format. The lack of vision by Capitol for a legacy artist is really disappointing.

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  1. Universal fire

    I fear that the UNI outtakes (68-72) were lost in the Universal Vault fire in 2008.  I do not know for sure.  I sense there will be a push when the play opens to tie in more releases, unfortunately that usually means another greatest hits package.  A cast recording will probably be released at some point too.  I’m sure we will see more London symphony matter too, since it’s in the can.


  2. Replying

    There was some masters lost in the Universal fire way back in 2008, unless Neil made copies from the masters  only Neil knows for sure. It’s unknown when Neil started to make the copies from the masters for  UNI and his public.

    As for Capitol Records, In my opinion, it hasn’t helped. we don’t need another greatest hits  or a Christmas album unless it’s different songs he would record. I wish he’d record “SANTA SANTA”, something different for his fans.





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