Happy Birthday, Neil!!

Thank you for being such a bright light in our lives.  I wish you lots of love and happiness on your 80th Birthday and for many more years to come!  Love…Tricia

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  1. Happy birthday Neil!

    Congratulations for entering your 9th decade.

    You’ve added so much joy to the world through your lifetime of music.

    Such great memories all through my life.

    Thank you and may you have much more happiness and strength.


  2. Happy Birthday!

    Have a wonderful 80th Birthday Neil and thank you so much for what you have given me for so many years, your music has been inspirational and made this world a better place to live in. I hope there is another chapter to come, but most importantly stay safe and do whatever finds you peace and contentment, you have earnt that much and the memories will stay with me forever and no one can ever take that away.


  3. 🎶 Happy Happy Birthday 🎶

    You are ageless Neil!


    All the love and goodness you have spread through your music, and through being you in all your many facets, has made a beautiful difference in the world. The things you have done matter.💖


    You and your compositions are cherished, and will be so eternally!


    Sending you love and good wishes!



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