My brother and I saw a web article on the website, titled, “Neil Diamond Will Return Home to Brighton Beach to Film Documentary This Weekend.” The article is by Ned Berke. The funny thing about this is that the article is from September 25, 2014. The title of the documentary in the article shows, “Neil Diamond – One Night Only” and according to the article Neil sat with, Rob Brydon, a Welsh actor and precentor.

Was this actually filmed or did it aired and we miss it, or was it aborted? Can anyone shed the light on this for us? Thank you

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  1. One Night Only

    This programme aired (prime time) on the ITV Channel in the UK during the Autumn of 2014. Principally it was a promotional vehicle for the Melody Road album and featured a concert sequence, interviews with Brydon and a return to Brooklyn, Brighton Beach and Flatbush. It also featured a return to Neil’s boyhood home on Church Avenue – in a manner very similar to the documentary in the DVD that accompanied the Hot August Night NYC collection. I was fortunate enough to attend the filming of the concert performance that took place at The London Palladium which Neil had last played in 1977. Around the same time Neil also topped the bill on the “Sunday Night at the London Palladium” show, which also aired prime time on the ITV channel. The interviewer Rob Brydon is a self confessed Neil fan and a very well known Welsh presenter, actor (Gavin and Stacey) and comedian.



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