Classic Diamonds

The album is on Billboard’s TOP 200 at number 173, the week of December 5, 2020.




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  1. Very depressing

    Its looking like it was a huge mistake for Neil to leave Sony for Capitol.Neil went from being bigger then ever in the 2000’s US chartwise.To moving to Capitol to see his latest releases (after MR) all miss the top 40.Now his last two albums missed even the top 100 in the US.What happened?










  2. Some chart debuts for Classic Diamonds around the world

    UK #5,Scotland #8,Dutch #34,Belgium #27,Ireland #77,Australia #20,Germany #39,Swiss #61


  3. It does seem odd

    to spend so much money producing such a big album and then not really promote it. I haven’t seen that many articles about it, or even reviews. Still, I am enjoying it. It may get a bump over Christmas if they advertise it.


  4. No promotion

    I didn’t see any promotion for it in the UK either.  Not on television, newspaper, nothing.  I was also surprised as I thought there would be a Skype interview or two with the usual shows over here.


  5. This album isn't even listed on Neil's Wikipedia discography page

    Though maybe its for the best.Seeing a #173 US chart debut on the Studio Albums section.Even The Feel of Neil Diamond in 1966 charted significantly higher.

    Capitol’s promotion plan for a ND album is a few pre-release youtube videos.Begining with Melody Road.Maybe they dont have the money to promote them in newspapers,magazines,television like Sony did (hell,I remember Sony’s huge full page ad for Dreams in the NY Times that I shared in the picture section here)


  6. maybe the name of the album

    is making people think it’s another greatest hits compilation? I think they should have done a making-of documentary to accompany this as they did with Melody Road.


  7. The best Diamond album for years

    The more I listen through Classic Diamonds, the more I am impressed. I am very familiar with Neil’s back catalogue and also the various iterations of some of his songs in Live settings, or re-recorded. But this new album finally resurrects 14 of his most wonderful songs and lifts them to another plain.

    The arrangements are each exquisite and lush – I can understand why Buble likes the arranger. Nothing is corny or cliched, nor is it simply an orchestrated version of what has gone before. Much thought and love has gone into forming these songs in fresh ways, without losing the quality of the original. Its like a new suit of clothes for each song.

    Aside from that, Neil’s vocal delivery is remarkable considering everything he’s going through. To be fair, what you hear does not reflect his age – his voice is spectacular and many fans will be so thrilled to hear him in such fine shape.

    Even songs I have perhaps grown a little weary of have been given a new lease of life. Play Me, Flowers and Believer are all sliding up my list once more because of this amazing album. Take the time to sit and absorb these three in their new form, they envelope your senses and inject a new pulse in your veins, even if you think you know the songs well.

    I rate Holly Holly as the standout track here, but the new arrangement of I Am, I Said is very striking. I’ve Been This Way is so emotive, highlighting its strengths as a pastoral symphonic gem.

    The promotion of the album by releasing tracks on YouTube is/ I feel, problematic. It means that people dip into their first experience of this album through crappy phone or computer speakers, not through HiFi equipment or decent headphones which really do justice to the aural experience on offer here.

    I’m feeling like this album, despite being a compilation of tunes from different Diamond eras, needs to be listened to as an album, from start to finish. Beautiful Noise could be opening a stage musical (hmm, interesting coincidence?) and Caroline tops things off in majestic style, departing from the three chord singalong crowd pleaser to become more than an anthem.

    Speaking of anthems, America simply adopts a grandeur that elevates it to the heights it has always deserved as a tribute to struggle, hope and acceptance – just as relevant today as ever, sadly.

    There have been soooo many Diamond compilations, it is nice to have a fresh take on his tunes by the man himself, in a creative studio atmosphere that reinterprets these songs beyond mere soundstage run throughs

    This is a musician who deserve far more respect than some people give him. All too easy to dismiss, and people still do,

    Neil Diamond merits every accolade thrown his way and more besides. His back catalogue is full of absolute stone cold treasures. OK, there are some ugly ducklings in amongst the album fillers, but they are few in comparison to the deep cuts and hidden gems hovering beneath. Or there are some that have become a little softened after 40 years of exposure, but presented like they are on this album, even the most dismissive critic has to cut the gentleman some slack. Classic Diamonds does justice to some tremendous material.

    What for another volume? Well, tracks like Brother Love, Cracklin’ Rosie, Brooklyn Roads, Crunchy Granola, Walk on Water, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, If You Know What I Mean, Lady Magdalene, Shilo and even later cuts like Delirious Love and Hell Yeah could all be contenders in my book.

    Seriously, I urge anyone who appreciates good music to listen well to this album. It’s going to go down as one of his absolute best and is a fine testament to a lifetime legacy in music.




  8. I doubt there will Classic Diamond II

    Big record companies are about making money.And a #173 debut is not good for a mainstream superstar.

    I don’t love it as much as you.Too many ballads that don’t need to be watered down even more.Though I do like “Holly Holy”,Beautiful Noise”,”America” and I’ve Been This Way Before” and glad I purchased these 4 songs from it.

    I wonder if “Acoustic Diamond” would have done better.Strange for Neil not to follow his aclaimed and high charting stripped down albums with an album of his own classics with just Neil and a few other basic musicians.






  9. It doesn't really do too much for me either

    His voice is fine, but some of the arrangements drag and for the most part really don’t improve on the originals. Oddly enough, my 27 yr old daughter, who is definitely not a ND fan, enjoyed it when Spotify recommended it to her. She said it made it feel like she was in Disneyland while she listened to it. I’m not exactly sure that was the intent, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.



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