Classic Diamonds

The CD is not on Billboard’s TOP 200 chart for the week of December 12th.

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  1. Sad

    The album must have been an expensive project that took months.

    Only one ND studio album did worse on the charts in his entire career (Though Velvet Gloves benefited from Neil’s superstardom a year later and has ended up going Gold with time.Here the awful sales are probably it)

    Very strange for Capitol to not promote it all.

    Neil could promote it from home (like other celebrities post-Covid)





  2. UK Sales

    On a slightly brighter note, the UK midweek chart has seen the album move up from #13 to #8. Appreciate that this may not be Friday evenings final position when the the new weekly Top 100 is published, but it does suggest that UK sales are holding up reasonably well. It is also #2 on Amazon’s CD & Vinyl Chart and #1 in the Pop category. All pretty remarkable since Capitol have done naff all to promote it over here as well, although Heartlight was on the Radio 2 playlist for 4 weeks, so this would have helped.



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