Call me sappy. I LOVE this album!

That’s saying a lot coming from a guy who 1-Hates cover albums. 2- Hates “Heartlight” and “Love on the Rocks.”


I LOVE all of these songs as they are done on this record. This work will appeal more to those who have spent decades on the Neil train. The arrangements are fabulous. When you think of “Heartlight” as a song about Neil and his fans, instead of ET it resonates. “I been Been this Way Before” is a tear jerker. It’s like it’s Neil’s career closer. He’s saying goodbye. This is the all time best version of “Sweet Caroline” ever. He actually breathes new life into it.

If there was a flaw it might be “I Am I Said” though it’s growing on me. Like with any album you need three listens before forming an opinion.

I would say to Neil, thank you. We get it…




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  1. LOVE IT

    LOVE LOVE LOVE….you’re not sappy.  It’s ok to like this album even if these aren’t your favorite recordings but it is making me feel good…for whatever REASON.  LOVE AWAY haha.


  2. Me Too

    Not always with you MR and I had reservations about this album when I heard about its release. But when I played it yesterday I loved it, a couple of arrangements may need to grow on me, but this is a work of art. I always felt that Neil was best when he reached for less, but you cannot deny the emotion when he goes full orchestral, it kind of blows you away. You cannot compare this to the Movie Album as some have done, that album was full of standards covered hundreds of times by other artists, this is Neil’s music with a new take sung by it’s maker. As for those that want a new album of new material, well so do I. But get real, Neil has completed two World Tours (barring cancelling AUS/NZ 2018) since 2014 and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s late 2017 (and probably before). We have had the updated 50 year Collection with unreleased tracks, the HAN 2012 DVD and the HAN Vinyl collection in the intervening years. And I am sure at least one more album of original material to come plus of course the Musical. The world needs a lift from all this crap that’s going around at the moment and this record made me feel good!





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